Botulinum toxin type A (BOTOX and Dysport)

BOTOX® is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles for various conditions:

  • to prevent headaches in adults with chronic migraine who have 15 or more days each month with headache lasting 4 or more hours each day
  • to treat increased muscle stiffness in elbow, wrist, finger, thumb, ankle, and toe muscles in people with upper and lower limb spasticity 
  • to treat the abnormal head position and neck pain that happens with cervical dystonia
  • to treat blepharospasm, which is abnormal spasm of the eyelids

Trigger Point

Helps with relief of muscular aches and pains in the head, neck, shoulders and back

Carpal tunnel Injection 

Helps with relief of pain and tingling at the wrist related to carpal tunnel syndrome 

Occipital Nerve Block

Helps with relief of headaches located in the back of the head and neck and migraine headaches