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Depression In Men. TMS Therapy For men with depression

Understanding Depression In Men 

Male mental health is often a topic that flies under the radar and is not talked about enough. Many men don’t know of the mental health resources that are available to them and others may feel deterred from taking advantage of them due to the negative stigma that surrounds mental health issues. Now more than ever it is essential that we bring to light the options that all individuals have to better their overall well-being and treat depression in men.

Signs and symptoms of depression in men may present themselves as:

  • Feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • Exhaustion
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Sleeping too much
  • Substance abuse with alcohol and drugs
  • Escapism or avoidant behavior
  • Irritability

Although these are common symptoms, depression presents differently in each person who experiences it. According to Mayo Clinic, male depression often goes undiagnosed. This is because of a number of factors including failure to recognize the symptoms, downplaying the warning signs, reluctance to discuss mental health, and resisting treatment options.

Treatment For Depression For Men

Unfortunately, up to 39% of adults who experience depressive episodes never receive adequate treatment.  Most are concerned about having side effects from being on antidepressants or don’t see the results they want with psychotherapy.  Here in Memphis, TN we offer a highly effective, non-invasive and drug free treatment for depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).  90% of our clients feel better in as soon as 10 days.  Each treatment session only takes 15 minutes and the treatment is safe and painless.

TMS not only requires no sedation, but it also takes place while awake and allows you to go about your day as usual after each session with minimal side effects. Using magnetic pulses, areas of the brain that are underperforming are stimulated and prompted to increase function, often resulting in improved cell-to-cell connectivity and a more balanced state of mind.

Some doctors explain TMS as prompting the cortical neurons in the brain to exercise. What’s most important is that this form of therapy is extremely safe and has been FDA-approved to treat depression since 2013. Now, with express TMS services, patients undergoing treatments may begin to feel improvement in as little as two weeks of TMS.

Treating depression symptoms in men doesn’t have to be complicated. Our clinic, Brain Body Balance clinic is located in East Memphis.  Each individual receiving TMS treatments at our clinics receives a customized treatment plan that suits their needs. If you or one of your friends or family members is struggling with depression, please don’t hesitate to seek help.

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