Treatment for Anxiety In Memphis

Integrative Health Associates offers non-invasive and drug-free treatments for anxiety. At our Brain Body Balance TMS clinic located at 529 North Highland Street in East Memphis, we offer a holistic approach for anxiety treatment that may be especially effective in helping treatment-resistant clients reach remission. 

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that an estimated 31.1% of adults in the United States experience anxiety at some point during their lives. When left untreated, anxiety can lead to more serious symptoms, making it difficult to manage and cope without additional help. It is important to seek help as soon as possible when dealing with more severe anxiety symptoms such as panic attacks.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a cutting-edge therapy that has been proven to be effective for treating depression and anxiety.  It requires no sedation, is non-invasive and is drug-free!  TMS works by improving brain cell function in areas of the brain that are affected by depression and anxiety.  It’s getting to the root cause of the problem (as opposed to being just a temporary fix) to treat mood disorders.  TMS treatments are well tolerated and most of our clients see lasting results in as few as 5-10 days!  TMS is an easy choice for individuals looking to treat their mental health conditions in a fast, effective, and safe manner. 

At Brain Body Balance TMS, our compassionate team of doctors and staff are excited to help you get your life back on track. We are currently accepting new clients for TMS therapy, so contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation appointment. 

Express TMS Therapy

With our express TMS therapy, the majority of our clients see significant improvement in their mood in just 10 days of treatment.  Over 90% of clients who take part in the express TMS therapy protocol report improvement in their mental health symptoms. TMS involves using electromagnetic waves to safely stimulate underperforming areas of the brain which improves overall cognitive function, balances mood, and reduces anxiety. 

The initial phase of TMS therapy consists of 10 treatment sessions over the course of two weeks. This is the initiation phase of the treatment where the area of the brain being treated is actively “healing” and optimizing its function.  It is important to adhere to this treatment schedule as closely as possible to maximize treatment results.  Once completed, most clients feel significantly better and can move onto the “maintenance phase” of treatment which requires fewer sessions with the frequency and goals of treatment tailored to each client’s needs. 

Because TMS is a completely non-invasive and drug-free therapy, side effects are limited. After a treatment session you are able to drive, go back to work, or resume your typical schedule. 

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